external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

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Re: external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

can't decide between eizo CS 2731 and CS 2740...

am currently using 2008 Lacie 320 and the screen, after days of trying various connections and troubleshooting, and scrolling through endless pages of forum commentary, is much blurrier than it was with my old 2012 macbook pro.

Viewing photos is fine, it's mainly the text fonts when web browsing or using menus that seems horrendous. The problem is compounded by how sharp the laptops retina screen is and comparing everything to that. Has anyone recently hooked up a 2731 to a 2019 mbp and could comment on the sharpness compared to native laptop retina screen of 3072 x 1920?

The Eizo is a nice monitor, to be sure, but it has half the pixel density of a 2019 MBP 16", if that's what you're using. 109PPI vs 226PPI. The Macbook screen holds more info (more pixels), so that difference is noticeable for sure. But the pixel density might not be as apparent, depending on how far you are from each. Like with prints prinited at different DPI.

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