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Chas J wrote:

horsth wrote:

Chas J wrote:

horsth wrote:


fantastic images. I'm wondering what a full-frame camera could improve. I guess nothing! It's fashion only.....


The same photos, if taken with FF, would show less noise, more dynamic range, better tonality, more choice in depth of field and allow larger prints to be made.

These things may or may not matter to you but they are there.

Here we are: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64102184

Yes, very amusing. However, denial and / or making fun of someone (I am not offended) does not change the facts / truth.

You wondered what FF could improve and I answered you. Prove me wrong !.

It's very easy to prove you wrong. With a full-frame camera, several of those images would not exist at all, at least not in the same aesthetic quality, because the needed gear would be too heavy to bring along in the rainforest, or the photographer would be too tired to take the photo, or the lens would be too short, or the image stabilisation would not be so good and shorter exposure time would be needed, negating all the benefits of the larger sensor...

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