canon 10-18 vs the ef-m 11-22 ?

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Re: canon 10-18 vs the ef-m 11-22 ?


Any real world feed back on both of these appreciated. Both have great reviews on youtube but would like some real world feedback.

My thoughts are that the ef-m is better overall quality but it will only fit the M series cameras so yes I want the lens for my M50 but think that later it may be easier to sell the 10-18 or keep it and use on my next body which hopefully will be a 90D.

No adapter need for the m lens but I do have it already anyway but the 11-22 will make a all around smaller package to carry around

Been trying to decide which one for a week now, please help lol.

Thanks in advance


Personally, I'd get more use from the 11-22 because of the focal length. Having the eqivalent of 35mm at the long end means I can probably get by with only one lens. I'll give up a few mm at the wide end for the longer end. I had to make a similar choice and found I needed the 35mm more than I expected.

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