Bokeh affect cannon m50 lens? :)?

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Re: Bokeh affect cannon m50 lens? :)?

Joelys wrote:


firstly I am new to this forum thank you for considering to answer my question! And help me with my journey.

i have yet to purchase the cannon m50, from what I have found it seems to be the popular choice for YouTube vloggers, I am wanting to use this camera for YouTube For the good auto focus and side flip screen and it seems reasonable cost but I am open to advice for other cameras, I plan on using this in a dark ambient setting with some low light to help the iso,

I am after a bokeh look what would be my best Budget option for a lens that can deliver a decent blurred back ground, my camera will be about 1.5 metres from me and my background will be about 30cm / 11 inches behind me with some old e27 Edison bulbs, and in wanting a shot that can get my upper body with hand gestures, unfortunately I am in a small room that is acoustical treated and that’s all I have to work with,

thank you for considering my questions and sorry if you have had many questions like this before but each is different for conditions and I’d prefer not to learn the hard way if I can use your experience would be greatly appreciated!

Regards joel.

For tabletop photography, I've used the brick and wood printed backdrops and they look out of focus regardless of how far you stop down. That might be an easy way to mimic the shallow dof look.

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