Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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Re: Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

StaryNight wrote:

I didn't know there were two different autofocus systems in the 6xxx line (I think the numbering scheme is confusing). I'm only interested in the fastest autofocus system. From the specs I'd guess the main differences are:
6100: Lower res EVF

6400: Higher res EVF

6600: Higher res EVF, IBIS, larger batteries compatible with FF

I never use the LCD so the higher res EVF in the 6400 might be the best option.

Mostly. The A6000/A6300/A6500 are older cameras, with each bigger number being a newer version with newer guts and features.  The A6100/A6400/A6600 are all the same generation (same AF guts), with the following differences (off the top of my head):

A6400: Same as A6100 with partial weather resistance, better body materials, higher-rez EVF, a toggle switch that lets you use one of your buttons for multiple purposes, and some video log modes.

A6600: Same as the A6400 with an extra button, deeper grip, bigger battery, newest eye-AF in video, and IBIS.

When these cameras were $750/900/$1,200 the A6400 seemed to be the sweet spot. At the current $550/900/1,400 the A6100 is tough to beat.

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