RX100 III vs Samsung S9+

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Re: RX100 III vs Samsung S9+

I actually did a very relevant comparison a few years back!

Click Here

I would say that an RX100 III offers a potential improvement in image quality and photographic enjoyment over a smartphone. That improvement is predicated on you investing substantial time into learning the camera, understanding exposure, and developing images in post-processing.

If you're more interested in worrying about composition and taking photos without worrying about exposure or post-processing, a flagship smartphone - which will nail exposure and perform advanced post-processing for you - will produce a  more appealing image. Hence my recommendation to 99% of people to just get a phone with a nice camera and use that for photos. The other 1% will adore the process of shooting with an RX100 series camera. Think of it like automatic vs manual transmission driving, and realize that you're on the equivalent of a muscle car forum where people hate Toyota Camrys.

The RX100 III does offer better "zoom photo" quality that the older smartphone can't match due to its inclusion of a zooming lens. But if you don't want to take up dedicated camera photography as a hobby I would recommend spending the incremental money to just upgrade your phone to one with a dedicated telephoto lens.

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