Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

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Re: Support Olympus and buy a new camera.

absoluutbeginner wrote:

Well we should all try to do that .... buy Olympus lenses or the E-M1II and III and the excellent E-M1X to support Olympus .

haha, not me buddy, when the EM1X was announced, I was so excited and thought that would be my next sport camera but I am so glad I spend $170 or $180 to rent that for a week to play with it, and that was the best $180 i ever spent on camera equipment, and after a week, my decision to stay with 1Dx and upgrade to 1Dx III or D6 became a such no brainer i still like the EM1X body though,

If they make more good pancake lenses, I would have no problem to buy them for my OMD 10 II, I do so to support my own need not to support a corporation, which I have no connection with, it's only a supplier of tools.

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