Firefox 77 broke color management

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Re: Fx 78.0.1 fixed colour management (sort of)

I haven't used other Chrome-based browsers but the current Edge (83.0.478.58) seems to properly take into account my wide-gamut monitor profile when using YouTube, whereas Internet Explorer (11.0.195) and Firefox (78.0.1) don't do that, which results in oversaturation when playing video clips on YT. Strangely enough, Vimeo clips look the same in all three browsers (so they are likely not managed). I seem to recall that I noticed some oversaturation issues with YT and Fx when the former was transitioning to HTML5 some time ago.

For example, I found the same video clip by Affinity Photo uploaded both to Vimeo and YT, and the new Edge shows it oversaturated on Vimeo, but correct on YT, whereas Firefox shows them both as oversaturated:

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