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Re: No. Olympus is not charity.

Maxxum Fan wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

It's a capitalist company. I have given more than enough of my cash in the 4/3rds era and now to Olympus.

Add to that the company scandal and the $600 million USD fine on endoscopes a few years back.

Didn't George W say "fool me once"?

No, George W was just a fool.

I mean many said 4/3 wasn't a great idea, so how come making it a MILC was a better one? SImple is as simple does, so I call it out as "picking the wrong format twice"

The format is fine. The concept is fine. The system is fine. Micro Four Thirds is kind of an unfortunate name. Mirrorless 4/3? ML4/3?

It's the products and prices that have strayed. Olympus ended up doing the same thing with M4/3 as they did with 4/3. Ever-bigger, ever-more expensive cameras and lenses rivaling full-frame cameras and lenses both in size, sometimes price.

With the pervasive BIGGER is BETTER mentality, especially with sensor size, that's not a winning formula.

They released essentially FOUR of the exact SAME EPL-x (EPL7 to EPL10) cameras with little (if anything) new in any of them. Oh, different fashion colors.

Meanwhile, they ignore the enthusiast customer base (PEN-F II?) while pushing some fantasy that M4/3 can compete with full-frame camera systems. (EM1X)

Panasonic hasn't been much better.

To top it off, there's been next to ZERO marketing from either Olympus OR Panasonic.

It's all rather tiresome. I think I'll go shoot some photos…

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