Does profiling a printer with a scanner work well?

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Re: Does profiling a printer with a scanner work well?

pixelgenius wrote:

Any time over the years I've tried to build printer profiles using scanners (latest effort using SilverFast) the results have been AWFUL.

Right. And it's not the fault of SilverFast or Argyll s/w. The most fundamental problem is a characteristic of scanners.  Turns out the scanned RGB values of a patch are distorted by the colors of the patches around it. If they are lighter, the scanned patch's RGB values are higher. If darker the rgb values will be lower. Thus no profile can be consistently made. Further, all profiles will be unable to correct the same effect when applied to a scanned image.

The other problem is how well the scanner's light/color filters meet the Luther/Ives requirement and whether the printer's colors can be calibrated to the scanner to get colorimetric results. This, it turns out, can be done reasonably well and produce results better than 1 dE average.  However, the basic problem with scanned patch variations from adjacent areas of a chart remains so it doesn't matter how well the scanner works colorimetrically. the first problem is intrinsic to scanners.

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