RX100 III vs Samsung S9+

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You did it again

jackal14 wrote:

I just don't want to buy a camera that doesn't take better photos from my smartphone.

The camera does not take pictures, you take pictures with a camera.

The smartphone app is fully automated, in that regard it almost takes pictures by itself, which suits your style better.

Even the rx100 I takes better pics than your phone, but not on auto. You have to work it, not as easy as with a phone.

No camera takes pictures by itself, in that regard a high end smartphone makes better pictures than a 10.000 medium format rig because there is more automation involved and the fact that everything looks the same on a 6 inch amoled screen. No difference between a 2 megapixel image sent over whatsapp and a 100 megabyte image produced by the medium format sensor.

And now, the amazing Rambowini will predict the future: OP will buy a camera and 150 clicks/12 months later he will sell it because of the lack of use/poor IQ on auto mode. Then a new topic will appear on DPR:

"Sold my camera because my smartphone provides better IQ" or something like that.

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