Suggestions on a camera / lens combo for landscapes

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Re: Suggestions on a camera / lens combo for landscapes

Zen4Life wrote:

I am focusing on Canon or Nikon as I dislike Sony's ergonomics as well. Also, since I often crop and print large I would be concerned that the Z50 is a bit light in MPs. That leaves the Z6 which I would have to get refurbed or wait and see about the Z5 which I am more inclined to do.

The difference between 24 MP with the Z6 and 21 MP with the Z50 is negligible. I have printed 90x60cm on fine canvas from the 21 MP files of the Nikon D500 and the image quality was more than enough.

I also switched from Fuji to Nikon. First I bought a used Z7 with the 24-70/2.8 lens and while the image quality is truly stunning I don't really need all that resolution. Plus when I wanted to go as light as possible I always mounted the DX 16-50mm zoom on the camera. The image quality of that tiny lens is really good. You get sharp corners with the aperture wide open. The same goes for the 50-250mm DX lens.

So ultimately I looked at all of my photos that I liked best from the last 10 years and discovered that I could have shot 90-95% with the Z50 and the two kit lenses with no penalty in image quality (unless I wanted to pixel peep). And then I realized that it just doesn't make sense to own equipment that is worth 4-5 times than a Z50 with the two kit lenses to be able to shoot the last 5-10% of the photos.

Since you like to shoot landscapes the most (just like me) you don't really need to bother with high ISO or ultra wide apertures.

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