Due to Olympus announcement I went camera shopping

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Re: Due to Olympus announcement I went camera shopping

icexe wrote:

I've had this exact same reaction. The sticker shock of switching to a new system is jaw dropping. The cost to replace just the equivalents of my 12-40 PRO, 40-150 PRO, MC-20, 60mm Macro and EM1II soars well past $6000, and that's not even counting my other lenses and accessories.

Then consider that no brand is safe right now in this ever dwindling market, and I'm even more reluctant to drop that kind of money on another potentially dead-end system.

Yes it is jaw dropping. I have been slowly buying into the Sony eco system. It is funny how MFT folks complain about the high cost of Olympus. Go look at an A7Riv and a couple of lenses, I tend to buy used, but that is what I tend to do with almost anything 😁 I do plan on buying a OMD EM1 MKiii though, I planned to do that even before the announcement. It is still an incredible body. I wouldn’t mind finding a mint Pen-F in black to back up my silver one. I love that camera.

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