My favorite subject: Wildflowers/Dramatic Light

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Maybe I'm wrong but to me it looks like as the foreground flower cannot get direct light from the sun. Did you use a flash, reflector or other light source or did you lift the exposure in PP?

Lots of dodging and burning to help that foreground stand out!

Reminds me a lot of Nick Pages stuff. I'm sure to be in the minority here but to me, the foreground is over-processed a tad too much to be believable. I've been seeing this style a lot lately on instagram, shooting into the sun with dodged/burned foregrounds, maybe just not my cup of tea.

I do appreciate the composition and the effort involved behind the computer screen!

I believe the aim/goal of an image creator should be taken into account.

If the intent was to produce an image representing exactly what a photographer saw then clearly this image doesn't do that because the foreground flower is "lit" from above it when the sun is on the horizon.

To me, the intent for this image was to accentuate the foreground flower while "blending" it into the scene behind it. Maintaining total realism is clearly not the #1priority here imo.

As I see it, the intent here was to produce an "art" image while maintaining some reality and the op has done a wonderful job notwithstanding the flower it self is a little soft if viewed zoomed in.

You make a valid point. Ultimately, we all try to execute the vision in our head, whether it be documenting, realism, artistic, or something in between. No doubt the OP is well skilled in capturing his vision!

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