A nice evening of landscapes with the wife

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A nice evening of landscapes with the wife

After a frustrating evening the day before, the clouds were looking interesting this night so I asked the wife if she'd like to go on a short trip to a state park just across the border in Oregon (Hat Rock State Park). She agreed to come along and away we went.

I made a few stops long the way, as I said, the clouds were interesting and I think made for some interesting landscapes.

The back and white shots were taking with my infrared camera.

We made our first stop and made a short hike as I saw a giant puffy cloud in the distance. On our way were these rock formations.

I have seen these rock formations several times and struggle to capture how interesting they really are.

I wish this tree was larger but maybe the small size is a good thing?

After our short hike we headed down the road some more. I came to a canyon that I had driven by a couple times and decided to stop and take a few images.

Looking at this image now it doesn't look like much light was hitting this scene. I think I was drawn to the cloud in the background and the small tree just happened to be there.

I thought this twin formation was interesting.

But not sure if I like color or B&W.

Here you can see looking east down the Wallula Gap. The Columbia River runs through it.

After I snapped the above images, we made our way to the Hat Rock State Park. As expected, there was almost no one there. So we walked about on the trail from the parking lot to Hat Rock, admiring the views and the sky as we went.

Honestly, Hat Rock itself isn't terribly interesting. The fact that it's in the middle of nowhere is interesting but it's not overly large and the shape is a little ordinary.

But we had fun walking around on the path and enjoying the air. We continued around the loop and came upon a wooden bridge. It made for an interesting reflection but the view of the bridge wasn't all the way complete.

Just after this point my wife spotted a deer across the pond and we freeze and whisper in amazement as not one but two deer appear from the brush to come get a drink from the pond. My wife is telling me to "get your camera, get your camera!" and I had to change lenses to my 55-250mm STM lens as quietly as possible.

Mother / daughter?

We just stood there watching the deer do their thing and walked away down the trail some more. Soon we made it back to the car and were on our way home. It was about 8:00pm at this point.

On our way home I could have drove one of two ways. The way we came (state highways) or continue on the loop, staying mostly on a interstate freeway. I decided to go on the interstate and I think that turned out to be the correct decision.

As we crossed back in to Washington we noticed a rain cloud in the distance. Well, we thought it was at least, not sure if it was possibly a dust cloud. So we get closer and closer and I decide to take an exit where I thought the road might give somewhat interesting image of the rain cloud. We it turned out the road took me directly through the rain cloud with a little bit if torrential rain. I kept driving and fortunately was rewarded.

Golden hour rainbow

I didn't have much for a composition so I used the road as best I could.

Well by now the sky is looking ripe for an awesome sunset, so we drive further down the road, me trying to find any decent composition that would help showcase the dramatic sky.

In the end, I had to stop at the below location as the sky was lighting up and I had to catch something. I figured at least the tracks help to provide some interest in the foreground but of course the sky was the main attraction.

Would have loved a mature wheat field here but the sky was the main focus

From here we kept driving as the sky stayed on fire for at least 10 minutes. I did find a wheat field where I think I got a pretty decent shot but I'm going to have to do some exposure blending or something of the like to get that image processed and I figured I'd take that on at a later time.

After that the light show was over and we made it home before darkness fell.

Overall, we both had a really good time. I actually think I liked seeing the deer about as much as I liked seeing the amazing sunset. There's something calming about seeing wildlife like that that I certainly appreciate. I can't wait until the next encounter.

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