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Re: Focal reducing these to APS-C (or full frame) in square mode?

DMC75 wrote:

My Kelda (sold as Neewer for aps-c) actually covers the Ff sensor when I tried it on my FF Panasonic S1 - no sign of vignette. I am sure that if could be focal reduced on to an aps-c Sony camera body.

Hey! entire full frame covering? I'm almost sold then
very tempting!

Thanks Tom!

Just bear in my mind that the S1 FF body I have tried it on has auto-crop on communicating lenses that cannot be switched off.  However the Kelda has a dumb EF mount as standard on my copy and so baring some mysterious mechanism on the far boundary of optical science that knows when to crop without being electronically told to do so ....

On the other hand there are references by others confirming that it can do (good image) full image circle even when sold as “aps-c”.  This is one mystery lens.  Early tests seem not to have been particularly favourable, but others seem better. So I can only presume that my particular lens was a re-worked build based on earlier unfavourable reviews.

This is just another strange mystery surrounding a lens that seems to have a chequered record.

From  my point of view it was cheap enough to take a risk and the risk seems to have been very worth while taking.  Once the price drops so low “the expectancy” falls with it.

Not quite like finding a perfectly preserved Leica that has no name badges in a junk shop ..... but remarkable no less.

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