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lightandaprayer wrote:

Unless the photo is consciously being used to mislead readers (an extremely rare occurrence among reputable news media) I would chalk it up to a harried picture editor making an honest mistake. The norm is to provide an editor with many choices for layout and illustrative purposes. Usually the photographer would have zero input regarding which pic is used and its context. One exception is National Geographic Magazine, where photographers and picture editors work closely together when selecting images for a story.

I'm not sure what counts as reputable, but, for example, this piece by the UK Mirror is replete with images claiming crowding but objectively demonstrating no such thing. Instead of long lenses distorting perspective, you'd need a drone at height or something.

There were also examples on the BBC site with similar perspective distortion. Apart from more recently, public compliance has been pretty good, so it's disappointing that news outlets would use images in this way. But then, I'm a scientist and do get peeved by the use of poor evidence which claims to support some contentious story.

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