Time to buy and reality of why that is

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Time to buy and reality of why that is

We all are concerned about the future for Olympus, however some here and elsewhere have commented on the potential lack of warranty moving forwards and that is a very minor point IMHO. lets put this in context - We are not in the age of the Leica M3 where you could pass it down the generations. We are dealing with electronic capture devices where the pace of technology is extraordinary.

I work in the same industry as JIP so understand the drivers. They may have plan which is photography orientated ( I personally hope so ) or they may use the assets to license the tech. Having no idea what Olympus has in their IP bank I couldn't guess, but it is an incredible  photo brand and I hope that the investment panel have looked at that, seen how fuji have come from being a producer of filmstock and done well.

Ignoring the future, why buy Olympus now?

Well its the same reason as it has been for a couple of years - forget the trolling, but M 4/3 can in my experience deliver almost APS-C performance and frankly fuji's x señsor causes more problems than it solves. A good bayer sensor and Fuji would kill it. Personally I love the fuji manual controls but have real questions about the sensor. But compare APSC to M 4/3 the size difference is much closer than APSC to FF yet perception on this is reversed.

FF is superior in ultimate quality IF YOU CAN TAKE THE SAME IMAGE. As some would say "hold that thought". Now I love ff but with the exception of Leica who have some sort of wizardry with their M mount lenses ( Just wild cost maybe?) then FF lenses mean that FF mirrorless just doesn't end up with a smaller overall rig in practical terms the lenses are big and heavy .

So back to Olympus. Manufacturers warranty is 12 months, so if you buy today and it fails straight away, its most likely covered and here in the UK its certainly covered for 12 months by the retailer or 24 months in the case of some. After that then frankly you will be sent to a service centre approved by Olympus in your country so even if Olympus imaging disappeared then you will be able to get repairs.

So lets roll forward 3 years.. even if there were no Olympus imaging, you almost certainly would be able to get things repaired. In 5 years time I can't imagine I will be shooting with the gear I buy tomorrow, which is a great shame but that's tech right now.

However, and this is my point, for the next few years where can I buy a really well weather sealed very light camera with amazing ibis and tiny jewel primes? Its not fuji, its not Nikon or canon, it certainly isn't Sony and whilst Panasonics lenses are very good , their bodies are bulky. I also reference my ' Hold that thought point above" - Pro Capture, virtual ND, the best IBIS will all be matched and reasonably soon, but Olympus is the leader now which means you really can get shots with them its very difficult if not impossible with others.

I have been have a lockdown cull of photos, but I was really surprised how many I took with the E-m10 ii and the 25 1.8  made it into my favourite 20 shots in the last 5 years. I repeat- small, light and jewel of a small prime ( oh and you bothered to take it with you).

So, irrespective of heritage, the current Olympus line up is unique so IMHO still very much worth buying.

Canon EOS M3 Olympus OM-D E-M10
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