With rumors of a Z8, where does the Z7 fit in?

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Re: It's a good question

michaeladawson wrote:

There's nothing wrong with your view of what Nikon will be doing with their camera lineup. I just don't quite agree with it.

Time will tell.

First, I don't count the Df. That's a one-off oddball.

Yet it does exist.

So Nikon's DSLR line-up (full frame) is:

D610 (entry) -> D780 (mid-level "prosumer") -> D850 (high MP "pro") -> D6 (flagship "pro")

What does a Z lineup look like if there is both a Z7 and Z8?

Z5 (entry) -> Z6 (mid-level "prosumer") -> Z7 (high MP "prosumer") -> Z8 (higher MP "pro") -> Z9 (flagship "pro")

I'd characterize them as

Z5 (lower entry) -> Z6(upper entry) -> Z7 (prosumer) -> Z8 (landscape pro) -> Z9 (sports pro)

What is new is splitting the entry level into two models. They did this with DX cameras, and they have to be prepared to market a sub $1K FF MILC. I expect to see fewer DX MILC lines, to compensate.

The main argument against this view is the great similarity between the Z6 and Z7, except for sensor. This made early release of two models easier. The argument in favour of the view is how they are marketed.

It's certainly possible that this will be Nikon's line-up. But it's an extra model in the line-up in a shrinking market.

We don't know that they will continue to produce both the Z6 and Z7 after introducing a Z5 and a Z8. So we cannot assume they'll have 5 model lines at once, at least not for long.

I just think the line-up would make more sense if the Z7 MkII was upgraded to be more of a "pro" camera

That just doesn't fit with standard market differentiation tactics.

and gained the latest 60MP sensor. Even the rumored D5


is supposed to have dual card slots.

Do you think they learned something from the reactions to the D7500, Z6 and Z7?

I expect a Z6 MkII and a Z7 MkII will both have dual slots. What other features need to be carried over from the D850 to Z?

The Nikon pro control interface, which has always been a key differentiator between pro and prosumer models.

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