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Re: X100F+V

Greg7579 wrote:

jshen808 wrote:

jrk wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

It makes zero sense to keep both unless you are collecting old camera bodies in a closet. (You should see my closet.)

Sell the X100f immediately while it is still worth something. Shoot the new camera.

I agree with Greg. Having said that I bought the original X100 when it came out and even though I now have the X100F, I kept the original. To me it's just a classic, the first of its kind. Other than that, when I've purchased a new camera I've sold the one I am replacing.

Other than "money-wise",

I really don't understand why people sell off their perfectly good old camera once they buy a new camera.

For me, after buying a new camera, the old camera can become a backup camera.


Well, I can't argue with that. But I guess it depends on how many new cameras you buy

All of them.

and how many of the old ones you want to keep.

All of them.

What I thought this was a gear forum.

<evil grin>

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