With rumors of a Z8, where does the Z7 fit in?

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FingerPainter wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

First, let me say that I think Nikon will start using Mark II, Mark III designations. I don't see that they can do otherwise given the Zx model numbering.

There is a good chance this will happen.

So I think it would be really strange for Nikon to come out with a high resolution (60MP) Z8. It would make much more sense to introduce a Z7 MkII with 60MP.

The Z8 will be to the Z6 and Z7 what the D800 was to the D700 and D3X, and then some. (I's say like the D800 was to the D610 and D750 except I think the D800 was introduced first.) It will be a professional model (like the D8x0 line and unlike the D610, D750, D780, Z6 or Z7.

If Nikon were to have a lineup that included Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8, and Z9 (a D6 pro type model) that would be one more in the lineup than they ever had in DSLR.

Think again: Dx, D8x0, D7x0, D6X0 and Df, I can count to five. I expect that if a Z5 comes out, it will be lower end than any Nikon FF dSLR ever was.

If they do that, of which I'm doubtful, they would really need to come up with some differentiation between Z7 and Z8.

They will, not only a higher resolution sensor, but more pro features, as in the difference between a D8x00 and a D7x0.

I have no clue what Nikon will actually do. But I would think that the Z8 will really be a Z7 Mk II.

Nope, Nikon have clearly positioned the Z6 and Z7 as consumer cameras. The Z8 and Z9 will be the two flavours of pro cameras seen in their dSLRS - landscape and sports. They'll only come out when their performance merits it.

There's nothing wrong with your view of what Nikon will be doing with their camera lineup.  I just don't quite agree with it.  First, I don't count the Df.  That's a one-off oddball.

So Nikon's DSLR line-up (full frame) is:

D610 (entry) -> D780 (mid-level "prosumer") -> D850 (high MP "pro") -> D6 (flagship "pro")

What does a Z lineup look like if there is both a Z7 and Z8?

Z5 (entry) -> Z6 (mid-level "prosumer") -> Z7 (high MP "prosumer") -> Z8 (higher MP "pro") -> Z9 (flagship "pro")

It's certainly possible that this will be Nikon's line-up.  But it's an extra model in the line-up in a shrinking market.  I just think the line-up would make more sense if the Z7 MkII was upgraded to be more of a "pro" camera and gained the latest 60MP sensor.  Even the rumored D5 is supposed to have dual card slots.  I expect a Z6 MkII and a Z7 MkII will both have dual slots.  What other features need to be carried over from the D850 to Z?

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