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Re: Fx 78.0.1 fixed colour management (sort of)

Pov2 wrote:

sankos wrote:

OK, so Firefox 78.0.1 is out and the colour management issue has been fixed -- graphic elements look the same now as in the new MS Edge. However, YT videos are still oversaturated in Fx when viewed on a wide gamut monitor, whereas Edge shows them fine. So there's still some room for improvement.

Edge is not without its quirks as well -- the icons of the favourite items nested inside folders are oversaturated, unlike in the current Firefox. And the system-wide soundcard settings seem to be not respected by Edge (e.g. upmixing of stereo to 5.1), so it sounds worse than Fx.

Thanks for the update. I wanted to finally update my FF but your note about videos prompted me to delay. Did FF ever color manage videos? I've never thought about it. Given I am still using the older version of FF (76.0.1) with proper color managing, the videos look OK on my wide gamut monitor.

Can anyone else confirm the video issue in the new 78 FF?

EDIT: I just watched the same YouTube video simultaneously in my old 76 FF (properly color-managed) and Internet Explorer (not color-managed) and the video looked identical in both unlike the YouTube website itself that looked oversaturated in IE. So, I doubt that videos are ever color-managed by browsers.

My understanding (from helping to test and I saw comments and code), what happened in FF77 was a mistake.  It meant that setting gfx.color_management.mode to 1 stopped working because of a misunderstanding of what it should do.  FF78 simply corrects that mistake, so FF78 works as FF76 did with regard to untagged images and graphic elements (i.e. colour-managing them as sRGB, which is what W3C says browsers should do).  I'm not aware of any other change that would affect video, but I haven't read all the release notes.

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