Bag and Carry options for mirrorless

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Re: Bag and Carry options for mirrorless

newbuteager wrote:

Hello All!

I just bought a sony A7III with a tamron 28-75 (will actually receive it in a week or two) The plan will be to add a few lenses along the way but for now, this is what i will carry. I might also have a macro lens if my old tamron 90 can work with an adaptor...

Like most of you, I assume, I have way too many bags...I'm curious to see which one you use...I'm looking specifically for a small sling/backpack or camera insert that i can bring for travel if space is a problem...I usually travel carry on very minimally...

My previous camera was a Canon 7D with a 16-300 when i want to travel light.

The bags I used for this purpose are:

Manfrotto Noreg 30: I use it to combine work and play...Insert can also be a sling bag and my canon fit with room for another lenses and accessories. I figure the SOny will fit even better

Peak Design 5L sling: When I really want to go minimal...I can barely fit the 7D (it fit if i enter it 1 way...from the other side it won't close...) so I figure sony will fit better but might still be thight...

I had bought the Naneu bag 80L way back when i thought i didnt know how to pack my suitcase...The camera insert turns into a sling or small backpack...Surprisingly helpful and solid...

What are you using for small setup? I'm thinking the 6L peak design might fit better (i have an excuse to buy another bag


I hiked several thousand miles with a Lowepro Slingshot 102AW. It was strange initially, but carried almost like a backpack. If I didn't need space for my hiking gear, I don't think I'd have gone to a backpack.

With a daypack, I found a Lowepro Cirrus 140 belt/shoulder pouch that I can pack my gear in and use as an insert. I can use it as a shoulder bag when I want. It's sort of an all-purpose grab and go.

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