Wired vs WiFi speed test results

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Re: Wired vs WiFi speed test results

wam7 wrote:

While on 2.4Ghz he should also check to see which channel he is using and using a wifi analyser see what his neigbours are on and use the least congested channel. In the past this alone has made the difference between wifi barely working and getting decent speeds.

A side note on this:

The Zigbee wireless protocol used by Philips Hue and other “smart home” devices overlaps the same 2.4 GHz spectrum as Wifi. From what I’ve read, pretty much any Wifi device will drown out Zigbee if there’s a direct conflict. Just keep the possibility of a conflict in mind so that you don’t end up causing problems for your lights or other smart home devices while trying other 2.4 GHz Wifi channels.


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