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Re: Schoolbus in the driveway + vertical grips have mass

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

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jeffharris wrote:

absoluutbeginner wrote:

Well we should all try to do that .... buy Olympus lenses or the E-M1II and III and the excellent E-M1X to support Olympus .

The EM1X. No thanks! If I wanted a camera that large, I'd buy a D850. Oh, WAIT…

If Olympus released a TG-series camera with a M4/3 sensor I'd be all over it!

Hi Jeff ..depends what using it for ! If you want to go many times to Africa and have to fly portability is great thanks to the lenses .

You can always crop a shot with the Nikon. Every FF cameras has a m43 size sensor area available. An APSC one too! And everything in between as a bonus!

The body is not much bigger than the E-m1 II +hold . I have E-M1X and E-M1II and Pen-F in the bag + 300mm +40-150mm + 3 tele converters + 7-14mm all pro and its fits with all stuff into one bag to take into the cabin .Try that with any other .... except Pana ..and I am very pleased with the result ! I am not a pro and do it for a hobby ..but a nice kit for the price.

You apply that logic to your automotive purchases too?

Run a schoolbus as your daily driver, you don't have to use all the seats, but for that time you do need to seat 63 people, you're ready.

Also, that above comparison doesn't work for me. Too little overlap in use between the models selected.

Dr Evil and Mini Me.

the proportions on the Olympus does give it quite a fugly look, the Nikon is more balanced design wise but still looks a pig

I like the way both handle, but agree.  No Red Dot awards for that pair, unlike the DF and Pen F.

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