furniture flash photography problem with reflections ? Example with photo.

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Re: furniture flash photography problem with reflections ? Example with photo.

geru wrote:

I assume when you refer to using flash it is speedlights?

Your settings are allowing quite a lot of ambient light into the scene which is a major part of the WB problem.

Set the WB to flash or even better use Kelvin if your camera is equipped with that as an option.

To cut the ambient raise your shutter speed to the camera's sync speed and then adjust the aperture to rid the scene of the ambient light ( for example TV - 200 and Av- F/10 or shut down even more) The EVF or the monitor should be black or nearly black. Shoot the speedlights in manual and adjust the power of the flash to get proper lighting. Of course you could just turn off the lights to achieve the same results.

Why the light modifyers? All their doing is robbing you of at least a stop of light . Mount the flashes on a stand and bounce of a wall or ceiling if that can't be done use a whiteboard or the white or silver disk from a 5 in 1 reflector set and bounce the flash off of those.

It may be that you're going to have to use more powerful lights. If that were the case I'd rent before purchasing unless of course you're going to be doing something like this on a permanent basis.

Thank you very much for the detailed informations.

So as i understand you the problem was the existing lightring condtion and to mix this with the speedlights ( yes)

So you suggestion is to stop the  ambient light by this way , but then i think that the power of speedlights will be not enough for this. IN the scene is not a room. is a showroom. so i had to use softbox so i can send the light to the bed. I tried without softbox with just a simple relfector and the light was not powerful enough even if i use a tripod and longer shutter speed.

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