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sportyaccordy wrote:

jf_tea wrote:

APS-C is already more than enough for me. APS-C has more DR, but, less DoF than M4/3.

I will not get a 40mpx FF and then find out that I need to carry a 2000$ tripod to get sharp pictures. I'm not the tripod-user type.

How are we defining sharp? You don't have to view photos at 100% (or get a 40+ MP FF body)

Or get a FF and have to close-down to at least F/5.6 to get enough DoF for 99% of my uses.

What's wrong with F/5.6? I'd rather stop down to F/5.6 than F/2.8. Most lenses are much sharper stopped down.

There is nothing "wrong" per se with F/5.6 or F/8.

Many lenses are optimally sharp at about F/5.6.

The problem is that with FF (compared to APS-C or M4/3), to get enough DoF you have to close down to F/5.6 ... then you need to increase exposure time or ISO, to get proper exposure. If you keep the exposure time short enough (ex. for people movement), then you raise the ISO. ... and you get fewer photons per photosite, thereby negating the advantage of a larger sensor (in that specific case: low light and deep enough DoF and short enough exposure time... Example: street shooting under lamp light or dusk).

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