Do I really need a prime lens?

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probably not

Jeff Farkas wrote:

As the title says.. do I really need a prime lens? So far I have two zoom lenses that suit my needs just fine. 1) Nikon 55-200 2) Nikon 18-200. The one I was thinking of getting is the 50MM 1.8 but I wonder if I really need it. I shoot mostly outside and when I shoot indoors I use a flash.

Thirteen years ago I bought a crop sensor DSLR with an 18-55 kit zoom.  I would have purchased it body only and added a 35mm prime lens, but that model (Samsung GX-1S) was only available in kit form.  I still planned to buy the prime lens, but I soon found that the kit zoom gave very nice results and that f/4.5 (the zoom's widest aperture at 35mm) was plenty fast for my needs.  Like you, I shoot mostly outdoors and have been content to use flash indoors.

Would it be better to get a third party flash and not get a prime to deal with indoor work?

I've always liked a bounce flash for my indoor snapshots.

Just curious why you specify third-party in particular.  You don't like what Nikon offers?

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