So, what exactly does shooting at f/2 bring you?

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So, what exactly does shooting at f/2 bring you?

Yes, I know it's an E topic, but sometimes one gets p'ed off when someone plays games instead of actually stopping to think.

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K25 wrote:

Mark Ransom wrote:

K25 wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

So, what exactly does shooting at f/2 bring you? What is the significance of the number?

Are you asking because you don't know, or just for trolling?

I can assure you he knows, and I can assure you he's not trolling. It's almost certainly just trying to better understand your thought processes on the subject, because there's an obvious communications disconnect between the two of you.

You believe that asking such silly questions - while knowing how silly they are - is not trolling? How would you react if he would turn this way to you? (asking this for better understanding your thought processes on the matter)

Mark was dead right, and it takes the biscuit to be accused of being 'silly' and 'a troll' simply because someone can't actually come up with a sensible answer to a sensible question (especially when he's answered once, had the post removed by a mod, presumably because the mod though it wasn't appropriate, then came back for another go, so he could squeeze it in before the end of the thread).

Anyhow, enough of that, back to the purpose of the question. The original proposition is that there is some special significance to being able to shoot with the aperture set to 'f/2'. People say this quite often, and I cannot see that there is such a significance. So, please explain it, and if you think I'm an idiot for not understanding, fine, just explain if from the very first principles, assuming that I don't know them. But try an answer. Or, if anyone else has an answer, they could have a go.

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