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Well we should all try to do that .... buy Olympus lenses or the E-M1II and III and the excellent E-M1X to support Olympus .

The EM1X. No thanks! If I wanted a camera that large, I'd buy a D850. Oh, WAIT…

If Olympus released a TG-series camera with a M4/3 sensor I'd be all over it!

I still see those photographers standing .. 4 men in an luxury hotel 4WD in Tanzania with the total amount of around lets say $40000 -50000 on camera equipment and looking like pro Photographers ...and the moment there was a leopard or cheetah around on 100-200m they all went to the same side of the top canopy 4wd with the big bodies (both flesh and camera's ) .And with those large tele lenses they could not make one steady shot. You heard them shouting to each other to stay still . And me standing alone in a non hotel rental 4wd .. with a small E-M1X +E-M1II with small lenses ... and we meet under way and I showed my pictures and they where stunned ... about the pictures . That is the thing everyone forgets ... portability ..even with long lenses ...and yes with that "big" E-M1X. :-). The costs for them ? I think about 10000-15000 for the trip p/p for 5 days and for me 4000 for 2 weeks.

Even now when Olympus have regally shafted the M43 community, we continue to hear these stupid stories of how some complete oafs with expensive FF gear were made to look stupid by the wise guy with his M43 gear.

The Safari "aren't I so clever" story is a favourite old chestnut. How many times have we heard the many variations of this story.

Wildlife photography does not interest me much on the whole. But whilst I was in the Valle d'Aosta a couple of years ago I came across and was enchanted by a guy who made a book about the "Grande Paradiso" park.

This guy hauled Nikon FF gear up and down mountains to get these shots. Shots that most can only dream about. How come? How did he manage without a M43 camera?

There are intelligente people who use other systems too.

Just for the record my soon to be purchased hiking gear with Nikon FF weighs just a little bit more than my M43 kit.

Go and compare a Nikon Z7+24-200 with a EM1 with 12-100.

Olympus have great form in leaving their customers high and dry: OM, 4/3 and now M43.

I hope that your old lenses fit your new camera ?

I sold all my old M43 just in time to get a good trade in.

Well, I have a couple of Nikon lenses from 30 years ago that work perfectly on my Z7 via the FTZ adaptor. Nikon at least have never left their users in the sh*t .

How to OM lenses work on M43 via the official Olympus adaptor?

OM  lenses ? I stepped in m4/3 with GH1 , later switched used the perfect E-M5 for mountaineering/travel  and bought later an E-M10 (wildlife backup) a 2nd hand E-M1  , a year later E-M1II for Kanchenjunga trip 5500m (compact with 300mmf4) and because i like wildlife stepped over to the X what was brilliant ... all lenses are pro and live it ... light , compact to travel good quality , dustproof .  Waiting for the 150-400mm...

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