Consider switching to Z5 + 2 prime lenes combo

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Re: Consider switching to Z5 + 2 prime lenes combo

baggy1 wrote:

The £230 for a decent sized XQD card might also have something to do with it.Get a few of them and the expense soon mounts up.

Though the fast UHS II cards are not massively cheaper than XQD and the XQD is still faster. If you don’t compare like for near like performance then sure, slowerUHS I cards are substantially cheaper.  Plus of course, folks who feel they need 2 SD cards because they can’t be relied on end up buying twice as many SD cards as XQD cards too.  The expense soon adds up

Less performance in the camera can of course allow use of lower performance cards.  You don’t see existing Z’s take any time to clear their shooting buffers even with large high FPS pics. That rarely gets a mention but try it with other brands using UHS I SD and it can take a painfully long time.  Not to mention that your photo(s) data are particularly vulnerable while it is waiting in the cameras volatile buffer!

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