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Macro guy wrote:

You're nit picking. Obviously, it's not the SAME digital file, but it's a digital file. Why shoot film if you're going to wind up with a digital file? How many people calibrate their scanners?

Good scanning services (and many DIY scanners) go to great lengths to calibrate their output.

And even if they do, the scanner applies its own limitations and its own imprint on a file such as dMax limitations, resolution, etc. The point being is that once you digitize your film, you may as well shoot digital because even if you calibrate everything to death, once you start playing with the file and cooking it to taste, your end result is the same as having shot digital and cooked the file to taste.

How do you account for the fact that people can tell the difference, even after digitisation? You persist in saying that, because it's in digital format, it's the same as something taken by a digital sensor and that's simply not true, certainly not for my audience.

They know and like the idiom whether it's digitised or not, they can see it's different, and as noted above, because of the movie film connection, people are familiar with it and like it.

And the film costs will eat up whatever savings there are to be had pretty quickly.

That depends A LOT on your usage rate. For instance, I refused to "upgrade" to the extremely expensive full-frame digital until 18m ago, in part because by being selective with film, the annual costs were less than digital, after you'd made a reasonable allowance for depreciation. Film, on suitable cameras, is essentially PAYG.

People hate thinking about the invisible depreciation on their digital gear, but it's there, like it or not.

Besides, you can pick up an old digital camera for a few hundred dollars. Economically, it definitely doesn't make sense. However, the process at least makes sense if you're going to keep it within the analog domain all the way through.

Until I got the D750, it WAS making economic sense to use film for full-frame, for me. Sure, I'd take some things on p&s, but unless you have higher rates, what you say isn't true.

I did the calculations, I can channel my inner accountant if pushed, so what you claim doesn't match my calculations.

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