5D Mark IV to Fujifilm XT-4?

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Think twice ...

BlueCosmo5050 wrote:

Sorry it has taken a while for me to respond. I am very thankful for all the replies.

I still haven't decided what to do. I am very interested in this XT-4. Right now I have been carrying my 5D4 with a lens in a more compact way. I'm realizing, I don't need to take much stuff with me.

However, I still would like to have the XT-4's size.

I am pretty sure I will switch to Fuji when the next camera comes out. The reason I say that is because, although 30 megapixels isn't much more than 26, I really like having 30 Megapixels. I would prefer to have even more than 30 but 30 is just enough to allow me to crop and still retain a lot of resolution.

I am hoping the next Fuji XT camera has at least 30 MP and hopefully more. Maybe they will have 36 or more.

For example, in full frame, there is a huge difference to me shooting with 30 MP or 23 MP. On paper it might not look like a lot but in practice it actually is. A lot of times I don't get the composition's the way I want them in camera because I am thinking about other things. I am able to crop and still have plenty of resolution.

Another thing I worry about is dynamic range. Although I don't think that will be much of an issue.

The next Canon R5 camera is supposed to be smaller and have a ton going for it. I wonder how it will be side by side with the next Fuji camera.

I just am afraid of making a mistake. I have such a nice Canon kit... I have a lot of nice lenses, multiple flash's, a ton of nice memory cards. Some of my CF cards were 500 dollars at the time of purchasing them. The 256GB ones that are really fast for 4k.

Still it's very tempting. I can even see myself having both. Maybe having the Fujifilm with one lens to go with me everywhere.

In my personal life I am a minimalist. However with photography, because I did have a photography business, I acquired a lot of gear. The minimalist in me hates having all this gear. I prefer to have a nice simple clean set up.

The perfect scenario would be one camera with one main lens and one flash. A few extra lenses for special things and my iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro is very nice and I've been editing using apps on it and I find I don't even need my MacBook for photos anymore.

The more minimal and smaller the better!

I have a 5DMkIV and a couple of good lenses, that would be quite expensive to swap to Fujinon lenses. I have decided to keep my 5D and 100-400MkII  and some other gear.

X-H1 and -E3 are my Fujifilm cameras and in very many cases they just do what I expect.  Image quality is usually not so different - sometimes it really is. It is not just the megapixels - it is also the sensor size.

Dynamic range differences are small , in high ISO FF camera is slightly better

5DIV  is  not always very portable, but size/weight is not very different with a 100-400 lens  X-E3 is another story,  pocketable with 23f2 ... H1 is not that light and T4 is not featherweight.

I mean , that keep the 5D if possible and use two systems - I like it. There is a risk that you will miss 5D later.

As a one brand system Fujifilm is one of the best ... I just happened to own some good lenses and Canon gear. Two systems is not terrible

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I started SLR film photography in 1968, first DSLR was Canon 40D in 2007. Now Fujifilm X-E3 and X-H1 for nature, walking around ,traveling/landscapes - fantastic 5DMkIV for landscapes, macro , BIF ... .

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