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H2ODoctor wrote:

.As a bird photographer, I wish Canon would make a 600mm F.6 DO. Looking at Nikon PF 500; the size and weight are fantastic. It is <10 inches and a shade over 3#s. How heavy would you expect a 600 F5.6 DO to be? 4#s? 4.5 #s?

A 600mm F5.6 would have an entrance pupil with an area 1.56x larger than a 500mm F5.6. (PF/DO helps with the length of the lens, but not the diameter; if you want a smaller front diameter, the only way to do that is to raise the F number.)

Assuming that a) the mass of any given lens element is going to be roughly proportional to its area, and b) the mass of the entire lens is proportional to the mass of the front element, we would expect such a lens to be on the order of 1.56x as heavy as that Nikon @ 1460g, which means 2277g (5.0 lb). That's light, but not quite as light as you may have hoped. I suspect an actual specimen would be a bit heavier, as even DO requires the body to be longer as the focal length increases, which will increase the mass of the lens barrel more than just in proportion to the front element size.

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