Consider switching to Z5 + 2 prime lenes combo

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Re: Consider switching to Z5 + 2 prime lenes combo

goshigoo wrote:

I know Z5 is not yet released....
I have been waiting to get my first FF mirrorless for quite some time; waiting for a reasonable priced camera / system

I liked Z6/7 ergonmic - it is very responsive; but I don't like the fact that it only comes with a single XQD slot...
On the other than, I don't know why A73 is slow when performing playback / menu operations but Nikon's body is better than A73 for me

It looks like both Nikon and Canon are releasing new mid range FF Mirrorless this month

With the rumored Z5 spec and pricing; it seems that the following combos might be best for me

  • Z5 + 35 f/1.8 S + 85 f/1.8 S
  • Sony A73 + FE 35 f/1.8 + FE 85 f/1.8

Does anyone has any idea on the performance of the 35 and 85mm Z lenses?

I heard AF is not as good as Sony's and they seem heavier than the Sony's one (but probably higher IQ)


What are you prepared to give up to acquire the speculated 2 SD slots.  Because you will certainly be sacrificing other features on a Z5?

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