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Re: The Eternal Sleep

thayes15 wrote:

Ah yes Jim.

`In context’.

And here I must admit the whole thing is more complex than I first gave it credit for when seen through my Christian coloured glasses.

The title, `The eternal sleep,’ is beautiful. It’s a hint of `rest in Peace’.

Sleep, peace and rest.

Now, in this life, is the time for labour. We must labour for our life and suffer all kind of hardship, some more than others.

Then, after death is our eternal rest. Then the time for labour will be over and the time for rest will be with us.

In this context is the decaying animal beautiful? Yes, I think you can make a case for it.

But can you see its eternal life?

Do you see the beauty of the crucified Christ?

It is here I see the death of this life of labour and suffering and injustice to the innocent and weak; and the rebirth of our life to eternal peace and rest.

If I unite Klaban’s image of the dead animal to the crucified Christ; then, if it dies with Christ, so to does it rise with Christ. Only here do I find salvation in suffering.

As I said previously Klaban’s image has inspired me greatly where few other images have and as such it’s a great image.

Trouble for me Jim is that even though I’m a Christian; I suck at it and sometimes hope is hard to maintain. I love that guy in the gospel who says to Jesus, `Lord I believe, help my unbelief’.

Klaban’s has opened up all the above feelings within me. And this is what makes it such a great image. But for me, if Jesus Christ is not risen then this is an image without hope. An image without hope is not beautiful.

So, I saw that other guy was fretting about file sizes 😊. In regards to this genuine, straight from the heart reply thayes 15, I would say that art may even challenge faith. It’s about provoking our inner feelings and relationship to existence. It is independent of faith, even though faith in itself may create a stance, as do our inner feelings and relationship to existence. No difference here, no right nor wrong, just different stances. There doesn’t have to be hope in all situations, peace and acceptance also matters.

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