What focal length do you wish you could natively use?

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Re: What focal length do you wish you could natively use?

Dr_J wrote:

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

I wonder how inexpensive Fujifilm could make such a lens as a 200/4 OIS WR. I worry it wouldn't be inexpensive enough.

How much lighter/smaller/cheaper a 200/4 prime could be if you remove the OIS? After all, I got IBIS in my X-H1 and X-T4.

When I shot Canon 35mm FF, I liked the 200/2.8 prime and 400/5.6 primes. Definitely smaller, lighter, and/or cheaper.

Your 200/4 OIS WR prime idea makes me wonder how small/inexpensive would a Fujifilm 70-200/4 OIS WR would be.

It probably wouldn't be a budget lens, but that's ok, I think. I want to it be smaller, lighter and better optically than XF55-200. I would be willing to sacrifice WR and make it externally focusing (like XF35/1.4) it this would help keep the size down.

I'm afraid removing OIS may not change much. The only good way to dramatically reduce size, weight and cost of mirrorless lenses is to remove autofocus, but it's not what many of us would like (see how small Leica M lenses are).

I used EF200/2.8L as well - great lens. But I liked EF300/4L even more, which is why I would like to have XF200/4 now.

Your desires do make sense.  I forgot about the EF 300/4L.

I used the 70-200/2.8L IS and went to the 400/5.6L and 100-400 when a 70-200 with teleconverter wasn't good enough.

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