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B&H Photo PayBoo Card is Shady

I have been a long time B&H customer and they are a well known retailer in the camera industry. Recently, I purchased a Sony full frame camera, a couple of lenses and some accessories from B&H and to save money on my purchase I applied and got their PayBoo card (yes, someone named it PayBoo, but that's a topic for another day). The card has 30% APR and IMO it is a bad idea to finance your camera gear on such a high APR card, but I got it with the intention to pay the total balance in full and just use the tax saving benefits.

Here comes the shady part. I originally placed two separate orders and asked B&H to combine the two, which they did, by cancelling my second order and updating my first order to include the additional items, but on the PayBoo card it showed charges for both orders, i.e., I was double charged. I called the Synchorny bank (actual bank behind the PayBoo card) to resolve the issue and the lady on the phone was nice and helpful. She quickly acknowledged the issue and filed a dispute, but told me it could take up to two billing cycles to resolve the issue. She told me I could subtract the amount of cancelled order manually from the total amount and pay that amount.

Two billing cycles to fix a double charge issue is absurd and honestly I don't know if they will not charge me interest on the disputed amount. On the bank site, it still shows the full amount and there is no indication that any of that amount was disputed. The whole thing feels a bit scammy to me. Keep in mind, I didn't place two orders and cancelled one. It was B&H that did this whole thing at their end to combine two of my orders. I have paid the actual amount in full and I guess now I will have to wait and see how they handle this dispute.

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