D750 with legacy lenses

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Re: D750 with legacy lenses

Hello Karl,

I have a D750 also and I use it with primarily legacy lens.

I have a few AF-S lens, but mostly I use the AF and AI/AI-S Nikons - so basically very Nikon lens made after 1977 will work directly on the D750.

The real question is what older Nikon lens that you can realistically buy DON'T work on the D750.

Heck, you can still get a non-AI lens converted to AI from John White (https://www.aiconversions.com/) if you really had it.

I think your D750 will not be obsolete any time soon.

Btw - I recommend you check your D750 for the dreaded shutter failure issue at the EU Nikon site:


Have fun hunting down those great legacy lens!


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