Do you buy new EF lenses?

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Yes. I Don't Overthink It.

Vunite wrote:

[D]o you see it as "lost investment", since the future is RF anyway, the lenses too long and big with the adapter etc?

I don't understand these conclusions.

"The future is RF" is a marketing slogan; it says and means nothing about an EF lens catalog that adapts perfectly to RF bodies, without a hitch.

I mean, any adapted lens that works perfectly, just as designed, as if it were native to the mount, is not a "lost investment." RIght? And all EF lenses work great on RF bodies. So what's lost? So far as I can tell, you only gain functionality shooting adapted EF lenses, in the guise of improved AF accuracy, or the drop-in filter if you're using that adapter, or the added control ring if you're using that adapter. EF adapted to RF is a win-win-win scenario.

Our situation is not like the one over there in Nikon land, where only a fraction of the lens catalog adapts with native-level performance.

And in many cases, EF lenses + adapter are basically the same size or smaller than the nearest RF equivalents. Because many of the RF lenses are huge. RF 50/1.2? huge. RF 80/1.2? HUGE. Even the 15-35/2.8 and 24-70/2.8 are really quite big--no real size savings over EF.

And then there are some really glaring RF lens holes to fill, yet, that will be a while in the filling. Like: where's the fast pro 35mm prime? Where's any compact 28, 24, 20mm prime? Where are the macros? There are more. Good thing those EF lenses work great!

You're just over-thinking this. You're drawing arbitrary and expensive boundaries where no actual, practical distinctions exist. (I know, I know: welcome to the internet, Siobhan, where any conceivable division, no matter how useless, is run to every possible end just because.) Anyway, Canon designed the whole RF idea with EF lens adapters in mind. And well done, Canon: they work great. There are many really fine, useful EF lenses in the catalog that are terrific on RF bodies, and they will be for the duration. That's the truth, here.

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