Olympus 12-200 or Lumix FZ1000 ?

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Re: Olympus 12-200 or Lumix FZ1000 ?

Chizuka wrote:

richj20 wrote:


If in your situation today, I would choose the FZ1000 because of the "macro mode" which permits close focusing to about 1" for tiny flowers and insects, which I like to photograph on walks. The Minimum Focusing Distance of the 12-200mm is 8.66"

Good point about the macro, because I do a lot of macro at home in the spring, summer and autumn months.

Chris' post reminded me that I had forgotten that there are two "macro modes." AF Macro and Macro Zoom.

"AF Macro" lets you get closer, but no real magnification. Like the "macro mode" on the old film telephoto lenses. OK for small flowers, but not super tiny ones.

"Macro Zoom" lets you magnify tiny things, but the image quality is not good, as Chris describes.

I opted to carry my old Nikon 6T Achromat to easily mount for close in situations to magnify. But this was only for the infrequent opportunities that might occur when out for walks -- macro photography not being the main reason for the outing.

For intentional macro photography, I use a camera + Macro lens, which is easily the best solution.


On the other hand, when I travel I don’t do much macrophotography. I do have the Oly 60mm macro, which I could add to a light day bag, when cycling or walking, and maybe that is a very slight inconvenience, having to switch lens.

Yes, and mounting an Achromat is quicker and less weight to carry!

I've used the FZ1000 mostly for nature photography, and I like the natural look of colors, especially for flowers. I took this camera with my other gear for some years in the southern Sierra Nevada, and when I wanted to go on walks without a lot of gear, I picked up the FZ1000.

Some from then, and recent:

I am impressed with the quality of these photos.

Thanks, and notice that I am in good lighting. Another thing to consider is that the larger sensor lets you use a higher ISO, which I didn't like on the FZ1000. But again, using it for nature photography in good light, it was an ideal tool.

- Richard

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