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I feel we have to start complaining to Canon about the slowliness of DPP. And ask them to hire a bunch of good programmers in order to get a new and fast version of DPP.

If DPP is running as a sick turtle when handling 90d's RAWs, I'm asking myself how it will be managing R5 files.

Look at Topaz products. They are even slower and do less work. Instead maybe the question should be what short cuts and compromises are being made for Photoshop to get rapid results.

I work in IT, have done for my whole career. There are many ways to optimise code to make it faster without compromising results. Instead what people should be asking is, why is Photoshop the de facto package for almost every pro photographer and design house on the planet? If it is as poor as you seem to feel, why do we not see millions of poor results?

You will have to decide for yourself what is good and what is poor and what is in between. DPP4 has great noise reduction, clearly much better than Adobe. It also handles the noise reduction by default settings with little or no additional tinkering needed. DPP4 will give results that are astounding for retrieving details normally lost to diffraction. If you are not interested, then don't bother. If those sound valuable to the way you shoot or for at least some special applications, then you might want to do the comparison for yourself. Don't take my word for it, do the studies yourself.

Thing is, I have tested and quite recently. Whenever software that I might find useful is updated I test it and see if it will speed up my workflow. The difference in NR and lens and camera profiles really are minimal as far as I can see.

Which is the latest version of PS/LR you have tested?

While Canon make DPP, they are not a software development company. They produce wonderful cameras and lenses. To that end I can see why DPP doesn’t get the high cost ongoing development it could have. I am also certain that Canon work with third party developers such as a adobe, Affinity etc, They want their products to be seen in the best light possible so it is in their best interests to do just that and work with the likes of Adobe. We know they work with them as u released cameras such as the upcoming R5 and R6 already have support in some Adobe products. All the brands do the same, because they need all the most popular tools to flatter their wares,

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