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Re: Canon lenses calibration

I've had FoCal for a few years, but since never had any focusing issues, and after reading instructions, it seemed too tedious for me. Then I got a 5DsR and the 50 1.2 L, and started thinking about testing this combo with FoCal. Still haven't gotten around to it, but I was wondering:

Why not simply set up camera on tripod, etc., then take one photo with Live View using the sensor to directly focus the image at max aperture. A $1,000 bill would make a good, detailed subject. Then, take another photo with the mirror down, which will determine focus via the mirror/focusing screen. Then compare the two images. If they are identically sharp, then the mirror-down focusing system is working properly. If the images' sharpness is noticeably different between the two, then an MFA tweek may be needed.

I am assuming that the Live View image would be the best possible sharpness since there is no mirror, etc. between the lens and the sensor that could get out of adjustment.

Any reason this wouldn't work?

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