What focal length do you wish you could natively use?

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Re: What focal length do you wish you could natively use?

John Keiffer wrote:

Dr_J wrote:

I mentioned this before, but I'd like a XF 200mm f/4 R WR LM OIS - as small and as compact as possible, hopefully smaller and lighter than the XF55-200 zoom.

This would give me a lightweight 300mm FF equiv. option. The problem with this focal length is that there are no lenses like that to adapt to Fuji. There are f/2.8 lenses but they are larger and heavier, but no 200mm f/4 lenses. I'm not worried about shallower DoF. Even at f/4 it's plenty enough for me.

While I don't need lenses that long, I do think that we miss out on opportunities to make things smaller and lighter. I'm using the 18-55 f/2.8-4 kit zoom. Since the 2.8 goes away quickly, I think an f/4 lens would have been better for the same kind of reasons you list for your long lens wants. I don't like variable aperture lenses, and I don't need big, heavy, or expensive 2.8 zooms. They have their place for professional work, but I don't think most people are professional.

I wonder how inexpensive Fujifilm could make such a lens as a 200/4 OIS WR.  I worry it wouldn't be inexpensive enough.

How much lighter/smaller/cheaper a 200/4 prime could be if you remove the OIS?   After all, I got IBIS in my X-H1 and X-T4. 

When I shot Canon 35mm FF, I liked the 200/2.8 prime and 400/5.6 primes.   Definitely smaller, lighter, and/or cheaper.

Your 200/4 OIS WR prime idea makes me wonder how small/inexpensive would a Fujifilm 70-200/4 OIS WR would be.

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