TG-6 audio. Annoying noises

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Re: TG-6 audio. Annoying noises

Christian305 wrote:


I did exactly what you said, i filmed a video in a silent room, with my camera on the table. The noises only apears when the autofocus works, so when filming a fixed point, there is no noises. I send a couple of videos to Olympus technical service, and they said that in a context of absolute silence, noises produced by processes like autofocus, can be recorded by the camera. When recording with outdoors sounds, these noises are not very evident, just if you pay much atention to it.

Thanks for your reccomendations!

So Olympus recognizes that the TG-6 autofocus mechanism is going 'Beep-Beep-Beep....' as it does its job?

Or is-it more a squeaking noise? Could you please post a short clip from your quite room tests where that noise is audible?

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