Color profiles, engineering or art?

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Re: Color profiles, engineering or art?

As Iliah points out, it is well-known that blue area has trouble in colorimetry. I have suspected, though not really pursued on more rigorous basis, that the trouble with the blue area seems to come from (among other things): (1) 'compressed' shape of the blue area in the linear human spectral response - notice that spiky, thin protrusion in the image. And, (2) the fact that the size of blue primaries is usually smaller than red and green primaries, with which colors are measured, which results in a distortion of its own. With these the starting points to any further color space conversion, apparently the things stay messy to one degree or an other. Some claim that 'perceptually uniform spaces' such as LAB or equivalent can ameliorate the situation. But, as many times, YMMV.

Both of the above points are shown in the image below for Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB - but other linear color spaces, such as CIE RGB, etc. also show the same effect;

ARGB and PPRGB primaries wrt human spectral response.

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