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Re: Speculations on software licenses

afterburn wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

In any case the consumer end-user software transaction is contract law.

Some times overridden by other law. For example, a click-through licence that says "You agree that we may kill you" is not valid, even if you have accepted the licence terms.

When the only example you can come up with to buttress your case is nonsensical, that tells us everything about your argument.

Unless you want to start another thread on assisted-suicide laws?

Thanks for the link. From that:

This decision does not mean only that software developers cannot prevent second hand sales of their software by their European licensees. It means software licence agreements and all their terms and conditions (not just the one prohibiting transfer) can be ignored by European courts if the licence period is indefinite...

This means, for example, that if a licence for software to be downloaded has an indefinite or long period then the usual restrictions or obligations placed on a licensee as a condition for granting the licence such as number of servers, server location, confidentiality, security, field of use, termination for breach will all be unenforceable.

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