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Re: alternatives to 28 2.8 d

With a wide angle lens like the 28 mm almost everything is in focus. Maybe manual would be better than Autofocus. If you would set it on 5 meters and f8 you will have depth of field between 2 meters and infinity.

In the old days old compact cameras had wide angle lenses and you would estimate the distance knowing the depth of field table. If you would use autofocus on such a wide angle lens and aim at the wrong point you may not use the depth of field as you would like it to be. You can also use the depth of field button on your D700.

The wide angle lenses are generally said best used to give an overview of a landscape or a larger group. If you would want real critical sharpness of something more close by, you can also use a 50mm which is generally somewhat sharper. But again the 28 mm is excellent and you can set it to manual focus. The impression of sharpness also depends on the subject (bricks of a house give usually a more sharper impression) and the lighting. In the sun you generally can get a more sharper looking picture but that can also look a bit to harsh.

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