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Jocksa wrote:

EmmaNems wrote:

And, of course, the biggest reason to have little respect for the work is that, because it's digital, it's so very easy to do. That's why the poor judgement rules. It's so easy, most can't resist.

Making a photo look strange doesn't not make it look good. Freaky effects are a low bar.

Interesting you say that. I find digital photography less rewarding than I did film but I can’t fathom whether that’s because the challenge was greater or simply that I was younger and in the first flush of a new hobby.

Likewise, I agree that pictures where the tone mapping is obvious are not to my taste. I suppose I posted it because I was surprised that I liked some of the pictures.

I think there is an irony in photography where the manufacturers are striving to achieve dynamic ranges similar to the eye and yet often what made photographs better than the actual scene was the drama created by the limited dynamic range of the film rendering a series of mid tones as a dramatic black and white image.

Agreed on the "drama created by the limited dynamic range." It is very easy to create a globally flat image, but selective dodging and burning to improve the shot is a bit harder.

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