Help shooting film indoors with daylight balances film

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Re: Help shooting film indoors with daylight balances film

Leo48 wrote:

Hi film friends!

I need some advice.

I shoot film (usually Portra) using a big old 4x5 camera. For a particular project I am working on, I want to use the available indoor lighting in an old pub to take a series of formal portraits. There will be no daylight and I don't want to use flash.

The goal is to retain the look of the available incandescent lighting - I like its warm feel. I want the image to look true of the scene without introducing flash.

How will this scene likely behave with daylight balanced film?

Is there anything I can do (filters?) to retain the integrity of the scene using daylight-balanced film without massive colour casts?

The normal advice would be to use something like a 82a cooling (blue) filter to correct for using the daylight film inside.  
If you want a hybrid solution you could include a grey card or two in one shot and then work out the colour temperature and correct for it in Photoshop

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